• Connecting people to an abundant life with Jesus Christ and preparing them for His return


The Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is a network of churches, schools, and ministries dedicated to transforming people through the good news of Jesus Christ and preparing them for His soon return.

What is happening around the conference?


Teamwork 1474 1967 Ken Miller

By Marc Woodson, ░─├┼┴¨║¤▓╩╣┘═° President And He went up on the mountain and called to Him those He Himself wanted. And they came to Him. Then He appointed twelve, that…

Good Things Come in Sevens

Good Things Come in Sevens 5184 3456 Ken Miller

Recently, Pleasant Hill Academy had an impactful fall week of prayer. Placerville Church Associate Pastor Leif Cano spent the week with students, sharing a themed message of God’s acceptance. The…

Larry Graack Ordained

Larry Graack Ordained 412 501 Ken Miller

November 11- Larry Graack was ordained at the Paradise Church. Graack grew up on a Kentucky farm before moving to Southern California. According to his father, “God was already working…

Welding A Solid Community Outreach

Welding A Solid Community Outreach 2000 1125 Ken Miller

Orangevale member Rob Purvis is an expert in welding. Collectively, with several other volunteer welding instructors, he teaches students this high-demand vocation. Not just the physical expertise of laying a…